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Benefits of Professional Representation

If you are considering advancing your career, whether you are looking for permanent or consulting and contract opportunities, engaging the services of a recruiter at Park Avenue Group can greatly benefit your professional goals.

  1. Our recruiters have access to opportunities that you may never find on your own, especially senior-level positions and other lucrative roles requiring confidentiality and prescreening.
  2. At Park Avenue Group we develop a deep understanding of the companies we serve, allowing us to connect candidates with opportunities that truly match their goals and values.
  3. Engaging our recruiters is an excellent way to move to the front of the line and get face time with hiring managers as opposed to being just another resume in the pile or another email in an overloaded inbox.
  4. Professional representation greatly enhances your efforts by getting you through the right doors, getting you in front of the right people and helping you negotiate the best possible offer, all while allowing you to retain control throughout the process.
  5. Our recruiters leverage their knowledge of companies and hiring managers to give you the interview advantage. We prepare you for their interview style, questions you may face and potential pitfalls to avoid.
  6. In addition to preparing you for the potential content of an interview, Park Avenue Group recruiters also assist you in polishing your image and helping you better understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  7. We help negotiate the best possible compensation package for you. With a deep knowledge of the job market and salary ranges for different positions, we are equipped to create a win-win scenario.
  8. Park Avenue Group is comprised of a team that not only values success, but also ethical conduct. As with any legitimate recruiter, our services for candidates are always free.

Park Avenue Group is committed to helping talented individuals with the requisite experience, skills and employment history connect with the best opportunities at top organizations. We are a powerful resource, providing you with invaluable assistance from qualified and dedicated professionals who can enhance your efforts to achieve your career goals and objectives.

“Before I connected with [Marc], my job search was merely productive. After connecting with [him], my job search went into overdrive. [He was] able to help me discover a job market within an industry of which I was previously unaware, and… matched my experiences and skill set to the needs of my current employer.”

Erik H. VP Global Market Access, Health Economics & Reimbursement

“Stacy is a well-connected professional with a broad network in the financial and banking industry. She helped facilitate the screening and interview process and negotiated a fair compensation package for me.”

Kurt Knaus, CRE Lender

“It is rare to find a recruiter who truly covers all the details and represents the consummate professional in ensuring that all of your the things on your wish list are covered in a new professional opportunity. Marc understands that a job is not a job and mirrors the synergies that you present to a potential employer with the opportunities afforded in advancing the next steps in your career progression. He listens, provides feedback, and makes things happen that are aligned with your best interest. You can’t go wrong working with Marc!”

Wendy C. Global Director Healthcare Economics & Reimbursement

“Her efforts attempt to match positions, skills, experience and needs on both sides of the transactional equation. She does not attempt to force a square peg into a round hole but rather invests the time and effort to understand the company, its needs, values, environment and culture and match those with the individual candidate attributes. Stacy’s success comes from alignment of values and needs not filling gaps.”

Tim Neville, Commercial Loan Administrator

“Stacy was able to find a company and a management team which was extremely compatible with my experience and career goals, and put me at ease throughout the entire process. She has a superb understanding of banking, and her connections and professionalism were invaluable during this time.”

Cara Davis, Chief Credit Officer

“[Marc], thank you again for your assistance in convincing me to join your client. I was very impressed with your professionalism and knowledge of the company. …You made the entire process of investigating and accepting a new position a pleasure.”

Diane K. Senior Global Marketing Manager

“Stacy understood my need to find a position as soon as possible. She provided great interviews and was extremely professional when checking my references. She was exceptional, providing me with feedback on every interview. I have recommended Stacy and her firm to several of my associates.”

Belinda Cooper, Branch Market Executive

Our Banking Recruiters and Medical Device Recruiters have received numerous accolades and testimonials from the candidates they have placed.  Here is a sampling of the rave reviews our recruiters are getting:

“Change can be difficult for anyone, however, Marc’s ability to present clear opportunities in an honest and precise manner made the entire process educational and quite honestly fun.”

Sheila G. Territory Manager

“This was a truly remarkable and unique experience. To me Marc is less like an employment recruiter and more like personal professional coach. I expect we will remain friends for a long time to come. I would send anyone I know and care about to Marc’s capable hands.”

Mike M. Director Market Access, Health Economics & Reimbursement

This letter of recommendation is for Stacy Ethun Stevens President/CEO of Park Avenue Group. I contacted Stacy in February 2012 because her name was recommended on-line, on various Bank recruiting websites. After contacting other recommended agencies with results such as “email me your resume” or “go to our website and create a profile” I was finally able to make human contact with Stacy and her recruiters Janice van Casteren and Justin Jelley. With Stacy and her team it was different. They took the time to speak to me on the phone to know exactly what I wanted and were quick with responses to your questions, whether it is e-mail, telephone, or text.

Janice, Justine and I worked together for several months before I finally found a Bank I was happy with. I am completely happy with my employer I am more than thrilled that Stacy and her team made this process streamlined and kept my needs in the forefront. If you want professional, organized, and honest, I highly suggest utilizing the Park Avenue Group.

Denise Finizio, Branch Manager

“Stacy [Ethun’s] professionalism and detailed knowledge of the Banking industry provided invaluable guidance and support as I made a transition between companies. Due to her longevity within the industry, Stacy’s broad network of contacts allowed us to review a wide range of opportunities during the process.”

Michael Lepera. Sr. Commercial Lender

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