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5 Of The Biggest Workplace Trends To Watch In 2019


1. Gen Z is joining your workforce
Gen Z is rapidly joining the workforce with the oldest members of the generation being 23 years-old. They’re expected to comprise up to 36 percent of the global workforce by 2020, and companies are adapting their people strategies to ensure that they can attract and retain young talent.

2. Your 100-year life span
In addition to focusing on young employees joining the workforce, a similar emphasis is being put on shifting career and life paths across all generations. In developed nations with more access to effective healthcare, more and more people are reaching their 100th birthday, meaning that careers will be longer than we’ve ever seen before.

3. Be better than good. Period.
As a lot of tech and retail giants have seen recently, doing good isn’t good enough. With a tumultuous global political climate, and governments that respond to crises at the pace of moving glaciers with little accountability it is up to business leaders to pick up the slack and as such, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become more important than ever.

4. Prepare for the rise of the gig economy
It’s no secret that the gig economy – comprised of individual contract or project work – is on the rise at the same time as many companies are seeing increased turnover. You may have seen the effects in your own workplace. Employee engagement is low globally, and in addition, younger employees indicate that they are significantly more likely to leave their organization within five years than to stay beyond five years.

5. All about you (and your data)
Consumer data has been a hot-button issue as businesses use it to inform their decisions, but companies are now starting to gather more employee data for similar purposes. Employee data has historically been used to inform people strategies such as recruitment, retention, performance management and training. With more tech and social media in the workplace, employers have a greater ability to collect and evaluate employee behaviors.

As the workplace continues to evolve to meet rapidly shifting demands, it increasingly falls on employees to be self-advocates and educators to avoid being left behind. Continuously expand your skillset, stay open-minded to new individuals and experiences, and understand how you fit into the future of your workplace to remain competitive as we move into 2019 and beyond.

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Article by Debby Carreau




Editorial review for Park Avenue Group’s Newsletter provided by Stacy Stevens. Newsletter arranged by Sheryl Liedike.


7 Things Mentally Strong People Do To Prepare For A New Year

1. Make space for quiet reflection As you head into a new year, this is the perfect time to give yourself a couple minutes of quiet time so you can reflect on how you’ve progressed and what you want to do better moving forward. You’ll feel energized and have more clarity on how you’ll achieve your goals in the coming year and beyond.

2. Stop setting high expectations The majority of us don’t stick to our resolutions because they’re too ambitious, unrealistic, and broad. Focus on creating realistic goals that are simple and tangible. You’ll notice small, incremental changes in your life that will motivate you to keep pushing forward because you’re seeing progress.

3. Embrace change
Change is never easy. In fact, most of us tend to avoid change and withdraw to our comfort zones. However, change is inevitable. And it’s needed if you want to be more successful at work and in life. So stop avoiding change and start embracing positive changes.

4. Remove temptations
There’s a misconception that mentally strong people can resist temptation. Rather than constantly resist temptations, mentally strong people remove temptations from their lives. It’s not the easiest of tasks, but you can get started by identifying your impulses and looking for ways to make it harder to give in to them.

5. Have a daily game plan
Mentally strong people don’t hit “snooze” or stay in bed all day. They wake up early and have a game plan for what they’re going to accomplish during the day. This way, they can get started on the tasks that have to be done right away. Before the clock strikes midnight on December 31, make it a habit to write down your Most Important Tasks (MIT) the night before. Next, start waking up earlier. The most effective way to accomplish this is by gradually waking up earlier.

6. Plan for obstacles
Life has a way of throwing a monkey wrench in even the best-laid plans. Mentally strong people aren’t disheartened by these roadblocks because they thought ahead and planned for the challenges they could anticipate.

7. Don’t expect immediate results
Losing weight, having more money in your savings account, or launching a business won’t happen overnight. It could take months, maybe even years, to reach these goals. Mentally strong people realize this fact. Instead of being impatient and discouraged, they’re patient, persistent, and passionate. You can start becoming less impatient by being willing to learn from your mistakes, enhancing your skills, tracking your progress, and always keeping your eyes on the prize.

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Article written by John Rampton



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