Financial Leadership solutions for an Evolving Industry

With the surging retirement of baby boomers, the banking and financial services industry is witnessing an unprecedented crisis of talent at the highest levels. To deal with today’s dearth of highly qualified leaders and executives, Park Avenue Group has launched Master Bank Advisors, which provides experienced professionals on a contract or consultancy basis to their clients.

While the retirement of boomers en masse is already proving to be a detriment to the financial industry, banks must also contend with multiple challenges tied to regulations, disruptive models and technologies, new competitors, and a changing customer base, all while pursuing new strategies for sustainable growth.

With a wealth of highly qualified contacts developed over 20 years in the business, the Park Avenue Group has identified a trend that is beginning to change the way banks hire and may ease the candidate shortage. Master Bank Advisors have the unique skill sets required to provide consultancy, temp or interim service at the most critical levels of leadership, including SVP, EVP and C-Suite.

These professionals do not come solely from the ranks of those approaching retirement. There are numerous executive professionals who, depending on their preferences or life circumstances, are seeking a new way to lend their expertise. These are banking leaders with indispensable knowledge and unparalleled experience. These are the individuals who we select to be Master Bank Advisors.

The Benefits

Why is Park Avenue Group a leader in connecting financial institutions with Master Bank Advisors? It’s simple.


Don’t let unexpected resignations, hiring freezes, and long, complex hiring processes slow your organization down with over-worked staff and difficult to reach objectives. Turn to contract or contract-to-hire solutions to quickly acquire the skills and experience you need!


We are experts in the Financial Services industry. Our MBA advisors are similarly skilled in all executive-level roles from C-Suite to EVP and 1st VP levels in Risk, Wholesale and Consumer Divisions, Finance, Bank Operations, Marketing, Technology, Administration and Wealth Management. Our advisors have the ability to contribute in many areas, including Leadership Gaps, Credit and Risk Administration, Financial Strategies, Audit and Oversight, Regulatory and many more.


Don’t let skill gaps, inexperience or unexpected circumstances negatively impact your results. Bring on experienced advisors with a track record for goal achievement and a record of proven results. We have access to advisors who can help keep your critical operations running and your results on track while staying ahead of the curve in terms of new technologies, distribution channel alternatives and efficiencies achieved.


Advisors are available for assignment lengths ranging from short term to permanent as desired. Just tell us the assignment start date and the skill sets and experience you’re looking for your perfect candidate to possess. We will handle the rest!


Our Master Bank Advisors represent the most proven and trusted leaders in the banking and finance industry. They have a thorough understanding of the value of discretion and have a history of professionalism and integrity. Their strict adherence to NDA and non-compete issues is a hallmark of the elevated caliber of principle you can expect from the advisors with whom Park Avenue Group partners.

Find Your Impact Player

If your bank or financial institution is in need of temporary leadership assistance, Park Avenue Group’s Master Bank Advisors represent some of the most experienced and distinguished consultants available.