About Kenny Steinbeck

Kenny Steinbeck

Recruiting Project Manager

Kenny Steinbeck has more than 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry and a well-rounded sales background.  In his first year as an Executive Recruiter with the Park Avenue Group, Kenny achieved Top 5 Rookie of the Year by MRI Network Global and in the same year was awarded Top 10 International Project Coordinator of the Year achieving the highest recognition of “Pacesetter”. In August of 2015 Kenny was recognized as the International Project Coordinator of the Month. Again in October of 2016, he was awarded with the Top International Coordinator of the Month. Kenny’s enthusiasm and motivation make him a great addition to the recruiting industry and the team at Park Avenue Group.

Kenny enjoys spending time outdoors and in his spare time, he enjoys travel and adventure, particularly in the mountains of Colorado.

Kenny’s promise to our candidates:

A good recruiter does not just jam a square peg in a round hole. My purpose is to find out what you want, what will give you more than you already have. I am an advocate for you and only present a position that is superior to where you are today. I do not speak about a potential opportunity until I know who you are. Many times I have advised my candidates to decline an offer if it does not meet the needs we initially discussed. I am your agent, consultant and work for you. Taking a call from a recruiter with this outlook, will either open doors or validate that you are where you should be. I have successfully placed over 100 candidates based on their needs, not mine. I believe in KYC, “know your candidate”. You are my client. 

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