About Madison Sapp

Madison Sapp

Office and Operations Manager

Madison Sapp serves as the Office and Operations Manager for Park Avenue Group.  Formerly from Lexington, Kentucky, Madison graduated from the University of Kentucky with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She is a reflective, critical thinker who is able to comprehend complex or abstract systems and very adapt to identifying creative solutions.  Madison possesses a remarkable consistency that allows her to maintain a stable and predictable pace to complete some of the complex projects she is assigned to. She is perfect for this role because of her large base of knowledge and continuing appetite to learn and seek expertise in her position.  As someone who thrives on data, facts and pursues precise accuracy, Madison is a valuable member of the Park Avenue Group team in our never ending quest to deliver high-quality candidates and real-time market insights.

In her free time, Madison enjoys playing tennis and walking her two dogs. As a newcomer to the Orlando area, she loves to explore the city and all its entertaining venues. Additionally weekends are usually filled with trying new restaurants, road trips to some of Florida’s fabulous beaches, or attending any one of the many popular events you’ll only find in Orlando.

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