Denise Finizio, Branch Manager

This letter of recommendation is for Stacy Ethun Stevens President/CEO of Park Avenue Group. I contacted Stacy in February 2012 because her name was recommended on-line, on various Bank recruiting websites. After contacting other recommended agencies with results such as “email me your resume” or “go to our website and create a profile” I was finally able to make human contact with Stacy and her recruiters Janice van Casteren and Justin Jelley. With Stacy and her team it was different. They took the time to speak to me on the phone to know exactly what I wanted and were quick with responses to your questions, whether it is e-mail, telephone, or text.

Janice, Justine and I worked together for several months before I finally found a Bank I was happy with. I am completely happy with my employer I am more than thrilled that Stacy and her team made this process streamlined and kept my needs in the forefront. If you want professional, organized, and honest, I highly suggest utilizing the Park Avenue Group.