Robin O’Donnell – Executive Recruiter- Northeast Region Manager

I moved to the Orlando area after having a successful recruiting career for 23 years in Pennsylvania.  After being in business for myself for many years and dealing with all the responsibilities of owning a business as well as running a desk, I decided that I did not want to work for myself any longer.  I also was looking forward to the comraderie of working with others.

What I found when I started my job search was that companies were reluctant to hire someone who had been self-employed.  When I responded to an ad from the Park Avenue Group, my experience was seen as a benefit.

I have been the Northeast Director of the Park Avenue Group going on 4 years now and the experience has surpassed my expectations.  Stacy and Marc Stevens, while providing all the support and structure anyone could ask for, are open to new ideas and are always there when I have questions or concerns.  The environment is a combination of entrepreneurial and structure, with enough of each to allow me to thrive.

My co-workers are great and I look forward to the interaction we have every day in sharing he details of our personal and professional lives.  It is an atmosphere where everyone tries to help everyone, which is unusual in a competitive business.

I am grateful to Stacy and Marc for giving me the opportunity to start again in Florida and investing in my continued success.