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Tips to Boost your Chances of Landing a Job

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Jobs are not only challenging and competitive right now, but also a struggle to land. After many months of searching you may be wondering why you can’t land that job or why someone else got hired and you didn’t. Sometimes the best way to boost your chances is to take a minute and re-evaluate your job hunting strategies. Below are some tips to boost your chances to landing your next job.

  1. Be creative when writing your resume: With many people applying for the same job right now you want to make sure your resume stands out from the rest of the applicants. You can definitely boost your chances by being creative with your resume.
  2. Don’t ignore the cover letter: Many people skip submitting a cover letter because they don’t want to waste time on making one. The whole reason behind a cover letter is to represent your personality and hiring authorizes can see if you are qualified for the job. Make it clear of your qualifications and passion for the job.
  3. Emphasize your strengths and accomplishments: Do not make your resume look like a job description, make it to where your strengths and accomplishments stand out. Putting in detail what you’ve accomplished while working on your previous job can make a huge difference when getting hired.  This also shows the HR manager a sense of what you will bring to the job they’re trying to fill.
  4. Research about the company: Always research the company before you apply and go in for an interview. Researching the company and knowing your facts about the company is a great way to convince them you are a good fit for the position.
  5. Apply for more than one job: Never apply for just one job, always apply for all jobs that you qualify for. This will help improve your chances of getting hired.
  6. Follow up: After getting confirmation that the company has received your application you can follow up from time to time. With many people apply for jobs and maybe even the same job some resumes maybe overlooked or misplaced. Following up on your application and reminding the company who you are can help boost your chances of getting an interview. If for some reason you are not picked for an interview or even the job, follow up with a thank you note and tell them to keep you in mind if anything was to change.
  7. Sign up for LinkedIn: If you do not already have a LinkedIn profile then you should make one. This is the best networking tool when trying to find a job. Many companies look at peoples LinkedIn profile to get an idea of who the candidate is that applied for their job.
  8. Take advantage of your “network”: Using your contacts can help a lot; friends, family, alumni associations, and most importantly someone who already works for the company. Asking these people to put in a good word for you within the company you applied for or even information about any other jobs in that industry.

With how tough the job market is right now you need to have an action plan to increase your chances. Grab any opportunity you can to show employers why you deserve the position and impress them the best you can.

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