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Recruiter’s Search Process

The search process used by both our banking and financial recruiters and our medical device recruiters, which has proven to effectively identify and deliver high-level talent for our clients, is broken down into four parts:

Assignment Parameters

Assignment Parameters

  • Obtain complete job profile (position, purpose, specifications, etc.)
  • Obtain complete profile of the ideal candidate (background, experience, performance indicators, cultural fit with option of personality profiling of the client’s top performing employees)
  • Consult with clients on industry compensation standards and options
  • Assemble the project team and brief the project manager
  • Conduct market research, including client’s direct and indirect competitors
  • Determine additional companies that employ candidates with desirable skill sets

Recruiting Process

Recruiting Process

  • Compile list of targeted companies and candidates to review and revise with client
  • Identify “hands off” list, if applicable and/or target candidates
  • In-depth telephone interview with candidates to ascertain three things:
    • Do they have the appropriate background? Cultural fit?
    • Are they willing to change jobs for the right opportunity?
    • Do they believe the client can satisfy their career goals?
  • If desired, face-to face and/or recorded interviews for qualified candidates
  • Present short list of qualified candidates to client with supporting documentation


Interviewing Process

  • Formally present candidates to client and discuss candidate interview results
  • Provide results of in-depth reference checking to client
  • Arrange first face-to-face interviews with clients
  • Prepare candidates for first interviews with client
  • Prepare client for first interview of candidates
  • Debrief candidate for fit and interest
  • Debrief client for fit and interest
  • Professionally release any candidate the client does not wish to pursue
  • Consult with both candidates and clients on competing candidates and opportunities
  • Arrange second interviews and discuss concerns and/or next steps
  • Continue to support and direct both client and candidate

Closing and Follow-up

Closing and Follow-up

  • Verify earnings and negotiate package to be offered to ensure satisfaction of both parties
  • If desired, provide educational verification, credit history, motor vehicle records, etc. (additional fees may be incurred, based on standard rates)
  • Transmit verbal offer to candidate and relay formal acceptance of offer to client
  • Ensure all HR documentation and processes completed
  • Consult with candidate addressing resignation and counter-offer
  • Confirm start date, receipt of formal written offer and written acceptance
  • Remain in contact with candidate and client through start date and initial phases of employment
  • Verify with client that project was successfully completed and satisfaction with our services

“I have worked with Stacy several times in my banking career. She is very professional and goes the extra mile to give exceptional service to her clients.”

Don Blair, Managing Director

“Marc exceeded my expectations in both top talent recruiting and personal support.   Many recruiters will take the time to understand your needs but not all recruiters have the connections to deliver top quality candidates in a timely manner.  Marc delivered two top quality candidates that met organizational needs in a tight time frame.  Since hiring these candidates Marc continues to engage us to make sure the hiring manager, company and new employees are all happy with the union.  Marc has become my go to recruiter for support in hiring hard to find talent.”

Gary D. Senior Director Market Access & Health Economics

“If you have an opportunity to work with Stacy take it. I would recommend her without hesitation.”

Bill V.

“[Stacy] takes the time to understand the needs of her clients. Always looking for the correct fit, she never attempts to “shoe horn” a candidate into a position. She has a relentless work ethic and is extremely trustworthy. Stacy has earned my deepest respect and my highest recommendation.”

Brian Bozak, Chief Financial Officer

“[Marc’s] own personal knowledge of the medical industry and its individual arenas is a huge asset because he knows when a candidate’s prior experience may tie in with the position I am looking to fill. Overall, I cannot say enough about Marc and his company and I look forward to doing business together in the future.”

Carl P. Regional Sales Manager

“Working with Marc and the entire team at Park Avenue was a delight. We really thought we’d have a difficult time finding the right candidate, but Marc and the team made it seem easy. Within a matter of weeks we had a number of candidates presented and we were able to find someone who has already made a tremendous amount of difference in our operations. Marc listened to what I wanted in a candidate, got to know our organization and then stayed on top of every detail through the successful candidate’s start date.”

Michele H. COO

“[Marc], thank you for all your work and outstanding efforts in filling my open sales position. I was so pleased with how thorough you were and the time you invested gaining insight into my needs. I believe your efforts have provided me a candidate that is the best possible fit for success in this open territory.”

Brian G.

“Our two new hires are doing a terrific job, and I believe it because you spend the time to get to know us and our work culture, before the actual search begins. [Marc,] your direct personal style and easy manner have made it a pleasure to work with you and the Park Avenue Group. As the business continues to undergo this rapid growth phase, we are very pleased that you are part of the team, bringing us excellent new teammates in a timely and efficient fashion. You are, and will continue to be, a key part of the success of our business.”

George T. Vice President Research & Development

“I really appreciated [Marc’s] up-front efforts to really focus on exactly what we were looking for, and how this really saved me time in the final selection process. I look forward to working with him again the next time we need an executive for our company.”

Rob N. Senior Director Worldwide Regulatory Affairs

“Park Avenue has become an important strategic partner for our bank. Stacy and her team have played a major role in the building of our senior leadership and sales teams. They have done an outstanding job in learning about our bank and understanding our culture. This has allowed them to select potential candidates for us that are well aligned with our organization.”

Thomas M Cornish, Chief Operating Officer of BankUnited

“Stacy knows her clients and the industry very well and this gives her an edge in matching the candidate’s experience and personal goals with those of a like-minded firm. She is upbeat and enthusiastic and operates with integrity and confidentiality, balancing the needs of the candidate with that of the hiring firms.”

Diane M.

“Park Avenue Group consistently exceeds our expectations, and I consider them a valued partner in the recruiting arena. Stacy and her team have cultivated a deep network of “best in class” candidates, and they’ve successfully sourced several key leadership positions for us.  Most importantly, they took the time to understand our culture and growth aspirations and screened out numerous candidates who might have been successful elsewhere but wouldn’t necessarily fit our needs.   Their market intelligence, integrity, and professionalism are key reasons why they are our go-to partner for senior positions.”

John Stephens, President and CEO of Atlantic Coast Bank

“We recently embarked on an executive search and engaged the services of Stacy Stevens and the Park Avenue Group.  Not only were they successful in finding us the perfect candidate they provided superior service throughout the engagement.  The teamwork was outstanding and working with Stacy and Mindy Ballard was both enjoyable and rewarding as they provided suggestions and creative ideas while working hand and hand with us through the process.  I will certainly use their services again and without hesitation refer them to others.”

Tina Ford, COO

I am writing this testimonial on the behalf of Marc Stevens and the Park Avenue Group.


I first introduced myself to Marc through an unsolicited email. I explained that I was in the midst of a career change and was hopeful that I would be able to talk with Marc about his services. Marc received my email and shortly thereafter returned my email and set up an appointment for the two of us to talk. It was Marc’s rapid response and call to action that first impressed me. I know that Marc gets numerous calls and emails and his ability to take action so quickly was tremendously appreciated.


During our first conversation Marc spent a significant amount of time listening and asking very specific questions to understand what it was that I was looking for as well as understanding how he could best help in my search. I found this conversation to be one that was specifically target towards me and not a basic general conversation about his services. I knew, based on this conversation, that Marc takes a very client specific approach which is so critical both for his clients as well as the companies he is representing.


Within 48 hours of our initial conversation, Marc was calling me about an opportunity that surfaced. He told me about the opportunity and provided me with several documents to review on my own. Upon review, I called Marc back with numerous questions about the opportunity. Marc was well versed with his responses and it was clear that he took the time to understand the company, market and opportunity.


As the opportunity progressed, Marc spent significant amounts of time on several occasions on the phone preparing me for the interview. This ranged from discussing the types of questions I might have to answer, the possible answers that I would provide to certain questions as well as the types of questions that I should be asking the hiring manager. It was clear the Marc was organized, thorough and detailed in supporting his client’s efforts on all levels.


In the end I was offered the job and Marc delicately balanced the company’s offer along with my counter offer to meet the needs of both parties. His communications skills and deft negotiations were critical in closing the opportunity in a professional unbiased manner.

I would, without hesitation, recommend to anyone that they work with Marc and the Park Avenue Group when looking for their next career move.




Tom Aldrich, Director of Sales

Tom Aldrich, Director of Sales

“I have worked with Marc on both sides of the recruiting process, as the hiring manager as well as the candidate. I have found Marc to be extremely professional, personable, and proficient. Having worked with many recruiters over the years, I can say that Marc is at the top of his vocation. He does a great job at understanding the positional requirements and the cultural aspects of the company, and aligning candidates who would work well in the role and company. Thanks Marc, and looking forward to our next opportunity to work together.”

Jay E. Quality Manager

“Stacy is the ultimate professional and extremely knowledgeable. She understands the financial services industry and what type of professional our organization is looking for. We have been 110% satisfied with our relationship with Stacy and her firm.”

Pam Bonina, SVP

“Stacy provided the recruiting resources I needed throughout the southeast region. She was an integral part of finding well qualified professional associates to assist in the development of a true team. I strongly encourage utilizing her firm.”

Daniel Finnegan, SVP/Director of CRE

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