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10 Interview Tips

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Having trouble landing a job because the interview doesn’t go as promising as expected? Arnie Skelton gives us 10 tips on how to have a successful interview.

10 Tips on Successful Interviewing

  1.  Prepare
    • research the company, make sure you know certain things about the company that you would expect them to ask you.
  2. Prepare your own asset set.
    • Make a KSAE spreadsheet; knowledge, skills, attributions, experience. This will help you identify your strong and weak suits, also what you can bring to the table for the company.
  3. Do 100 questions
    • Look at the job description and highlight any verb you seen. From those verbs form a question with them, those could be some questions you’ll be asked. This will prepare you for any question that maybe asked.
  4.   Take notes
    • Having notes handing will help you remember your thoughts and questions, rather than having to remember everything you wanted to ask or say.
  5. Take a portfolio of evidence
    • Just like artist take their artwork in to show off to sell; take information that shows off who you are.
  6. Answer the questions
    • When asked question and we are nervous we have a trend to just blab on. Instead just be blunt and answer the question.
  7. Move from negative to positive
    • If you get asked if you can do a specific task and respond with no, don’t leave it at that. Turn it around to something positive; I can find the answer, I’m a fast learner, I don’t know the answer but if you are open to me finding the answer I can send it over after this interview and a little research. This will stand out more than just saying no or I don’t know.
  8. Bridging
    • We always talk about our past jobs or experiences, which is great but you’re interviewing for your future. Carry the past and present into the future job you are aiming for. Starting with your new job and tying it into your past jobs.
  9. Ask questions
    • think about maybe a topic which you would like to give a mini pitch on as and form it into a question which they will then probe and say, could you say a bit more about that? And then you’re off giving some advice on how you might do that.
  10. Turn the interview into an intelligent conversation
    • When interviewing sometimes we will freeze or have panic attacks, when we have intelligent conversations though we are most always relaxed. Approach the interview as an intelligent conversation.

These 10 tips are something Arnie Skelton feels are very strong when interviewing. He also talks about them in a short podcast; to check out that podcast and more information about the tips click here.


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